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New York Born and Raised

New York Born and Raised
New York Born and Raised

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The maddened energy, the hustle, the essential fight, the willingness to endure that is New York City I believe is in my blood and bones, as my family has been here for six generations. I feel so insanely lucky and grateful to have had the opportunity to grow up in this inspiring city, and to have always lived and worked in an environment where I’m surrounded by strength and inspiration. Envisioning a work that would represent this energy - the strength of the individual on her or his own, demanded by this city - I wanted to capture an image of the iconic Wall Street Bull, a historic landmark, unobstructed by pedestrians and so I took this photo at 4:00am. As I run up against the challenges of life, and life in this crazy city of ours, I continually find courage and inspiration in this work, stirred, of course, by its central subject, but also, its use of perspective and balance, two qualities that keep me sane, stable, and so grateful to call New York City my home.  

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