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Forever Scarred

Forever Scarred
Forever Scarred

A number of collectors have accused me of visually playing it safe with my work, given the difficult nature of my personal experiences, and the intensity of my opinions; though criticism can be challenging to swallow, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are right. I do allow pressure from my family and the conservative community in which I was raised to inform my choice of subject matter in my work and to silence the things sometimes I want to scream. I have to live by the words I preach: this is my life, and I am going to do what I want, what I believe in and what makes me happy, guided by my own moral compass. Stirred by this realization, the concept for this artwork came to me as an image in my sleep and when I woke up, I knew exactly the photograph I needed to stage in order to make the statement I wanted to make. Selecting myself as subject, I hoped to underscore and celebrate my own embracing of my independence, sexuality, confidence and my power as a strong woman. I collaborated with my dear friend and fellow creative, Peter Koloff, together we did a photo-shoot in Mykonos on the beach along with my right hand Jillian Borgen. While we were framing the shot, a wave came and knocked me right off the jetty and straight onto the rocks, leaving me fairly cut and scratched. But I laughed it off and we carried on. I will however have the scars on me forever along with the scars of my life experiences that are sacred, as they make me who I am. Wounds heal, but its their permanent impressions, the essential imperfections, that I endeavor to embrace in my life and in my work.  

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