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Multi Broken Starburst

Multi Broken Starburst
Multi Broken Starburst

I’ve always worked to embrace the color in the chaos that defines my life, and this particular image gives visual form to that hope and effort, as often times, it can be incredibly challenging. My career itself, truly, was set into motion by a series of misfortunes - struggle itself is at its inception - and in and through my work I’ve found the brightness, the color, and a sense of order to it all. This particular geometric abstraction was created early on in my career and materializes the defining optimism with which I live my life and it is that positive outlook I hope to consistently promote through my imagery. It’s my resilience, my ability to endure, to discover beauty in the madness, that has carried me through and enabled me to live grateful for both the good and the bad. I now understand that the bad is often the very thing itself that, with time, ambition and invention, creates the good, and in that fact, I’ve discovered great peace, joy, and excitement.
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