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Earned Beauty

Earned Beauty
Earned Beauty

This photograph was taken on my trip to Mykonos, Greece this past summer from the balcony of my hotel room. I don't often treat myself to luxuries these days as they are not within my budget but after the six consecutive 120+ hour work I spent weeks getting my first ever limited edition prints ready for release, I decided to treat myself to my first ever vacation alone as a reward to the self for reaching my sales goals. To me, this trip materialized my personal independence and the important steps I’d taken towards my financial independence; my intense and extreme work ethic made it possible for me to take a momentary break to enjoy the things I love in life - travel and new experiences. Truly, I was at my wit’s end with work and I needed time to recuperate. I’m so grateful to the magic that is Mykonos for providing the most stunning backdrop for this time of intrapersonal growth and I find myself continuously visually inspired by its mystical white beaches, colorful sunsets, and its defining spirit of revelrous joy.

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