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Breaking The Rules

Breaking The Rules
Breaking The Rules

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Over the last few months, it’s become increasingly important to me to express my own values and elements of my own identity in my work. Often, I feel pressured by my past to take a more conservative approach to my selection of subject matter, but I’m working on being brave and most importantly being true to myself and using my process of designing and producing artwork to discover more about who I really am. My sense of motherhood is at the very essence of my personal identity, and I feel very proud to embrace my own sexuality as a single mother and it’s hugely important to me to feel comfortable and joyful in my own skin and to celebrate that self-love in other women as well. I was sat on the beach in Tel Aviv, a beach I’ve spent more time on than any other, and I was admiring another woman’s stunning silhouette; she politely declined being photographed but I wanted to capture the positivity and the beauty of this moment - an unbridled, playful, sensual appreciation of beauty, in all its imperfections, just for beauty’s sake.

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